Cleo Cox

Cranial Osteopathy

The cranial osteopath 'listens’ to the patient’s body through gentle manual contact. The treatment process arises out of this attitude of quiet respect and receptive attention.

The cranial approach applies osteopathic principles to the treatment of the whole body, including the 26 bones of the skull and its contents.

One of the fundamental principles of Osteopathy is that “the living body is a self-correcting, self-regulating, self-healing mechanism”, constantly working to re-establish its’ optimum level of health. This principle is particularly emphasized in cranial osteopathy. A cranial osteopath will seek to be as receptive as possible to the intelligence of the body,  ie; how the body is seeking to rebalance itself. This active cellular and fascial movement, which is constantly occurring in our bodies, is what informs a cranial osteopaths’ mind and hands. From this point a practitioner can support and help the body’s own system move towards a state of balance, health and wellbeing.

Cranial osteopathy is beneficial to all ages and for a variety of conditions, however, for more information on specific conditions please either contact Cleo or look at the sites below.

Cranial osteopathy and Children

Cranial osteopathy and Pregnancy  

Cranial osteopathy and Dentistry

Getting older

Cranial osteopaths embark on a life time of further cranial osteopathic training and learning, once qualified as an osteopath.

For more information visit the Sutherland College web site on Cranial Osteopathy